Chad + Micaela Make an Announcement

I thought it was just going to be another Thanksgiving family photo. Everyone was summoned outside, Mica's camera is set up, the sun is shining in our faces, and the elders don't know when and where to look lol jk. When Mica said "On the count of three everyone say baby" I really didn't think much of it....other than, I'm not jinxing my ovaries like that! It seemed pretty logical (other than the jinxing part) since there was a baby in the picture and my cousin's wife was pregnant. Since we OBVIOUSLY couldn't pull ourselves together, she decided to do it one more time. We still didn't get it! Mica mumbles, "This family can't catch a hint."




Now that the cat is out of the bag, the hugs have been given, and the tears have been shed, We're obviously about to take photos to commemorate this moment.


Here's a glimpse into the joy that I was able to capture in this forced 15 minute photoshoot.